[NFT Oracle №35] Grifter#577 was priced by the PawnHouse consensus 254 times, where the final price reached 18,150 USDT (14.92 ETH)!

  • On June 17 2022, the transaction price was 10.99 ETH
  • On January 24 2022, the transaction price was 8.88 ETH
  • On December 21 2021, the transaction price was 7.55 ETH

PawnHouse NFT Pricing Review:

About PawnHouse

The PawnHouse project team combined and applied both the SMRA theory (2020 Nobel Economic Prize) and The Wisdom of Crowds theory to effectively solve the issue of decentralized NFT asset-pricing and improve the liquidity of NFTs.

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PawnHouse, The World‘s First NFT Oracle




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Provide Better Liquidity and Price Discovery Mechanism for Nonstandard Assets