PawnHouse Litepaper V1.2

1 NFT Price Discovery

2 The Oracle for NFTs

3 The Price Corridor of NFT Assets

When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) first used an SMRA in July 1994, it sold 10 licenses in 47 bidding rounds for a total of 617 million dollars — objects which the American government had previously allocated practically for free. The first spectrum auction using an SMRA was generally regarded as a huge success. Many countries (including Finland, India, Canada, Norway, Poland, Spain, the UK, Sweden, and Germany) adopted the same format for their spectrum auctions. The FCC’s auctions alone, using this format, have brought more than 120 billion dollars over twenty years (1994–2014) and, globally, this mechanism has generated more than 200 billion dollars from spectrum sales.

4 Tokenomics

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