PawnHouse’s New Friend, Black & White: Your Own Metaverse

3 min readFeb 11, 2022


We are delighted to announce that as an NFT pricing platform, we discovered a new star project in the field of NFT Metaverse creation — Black and White!

What is Black & White?

Black & White is a growth and evolution NFT Metaverse creation game assembled by users. It consists of square cells in two possible states, dead or alive, known as SEED. Each cell interacts horizontally, vertically, or diagonal with its eight neighboring cells. Relying on the power of time and rules evolves everything in the Black and White Metaverse.

After completing the initial definition, users define their own rules of survival and reproduction that constitute the system’s SEED. The system then applies the rules to every cell in the SEED, whether alive or dead. At intervals, called “ticks” in the game, births and deaths occur simultaneously. Each generation is the succession of the previous generation, and as long as cells exist, these rules are applied repeatedly to create more generations.

PawnHouse and Black & White

As we explain in “PawnHouse, the World’s First NFT Oracle, Pays Tribute to Claude Shannon, Kevin Kelly, Paul Milgrom, and Robert Wilson”: Information removes uncertainty, and the emergence of crowd wisdom is essential. Therefore, PawnHouse realizes pricing by incentivizing more pricing proposals to accumulate information that is beneficial to the value of NFTs.

The blockchain Metaverse brings massive retail and institutional expectations and interests in NFTs. It also begs the question: who will create it? The answer is everyone, from individuals, informal communities and institutions. Therefore, we have set some rules and standards for what we think is the birth of an ideal Metaverse:

  1. Created and owned by the user.
  2. Small initial patterns with chaotic, unpredictable outcomes should exist and be respected.
  3. Rules should be as simple as possible.
  4. Some configurations last long before dying, some have a short lifespan, and some remain forever.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the Black and White team’s ingenious design satisfies all of the above!

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In Black and White, users can complete the creation of living bodies, fields, and spaces by owning the LAND and SEED. The initial setting of its regular pattern will cause seeds to either eventually die, become still life, or remain chaotic for some time until they finally form a combination or enter a state of cyclic chaos. This allows observers to experience a uniquely everchanging and evolving population over generations, a universe exploding with the beauty of digital life under simple rules.

Therefore, we hope to bring the beauty of life’s evolution to more people, as each individual is worthy of recording and creating their own uniqueness on the chain. It is hoped that we will work together to bring more fundamentally valued NFT assets to the world and interpret the true power of creation!


About PawnHouse

The PawnHouse project team combined and applied both the SMRA theory (2020 Nobel Economic Prize) and The Wisdom of Crowds theory to effectively solve the issue of decentralized NFT asset-pricing and improve the liquidity of NFTs.

Due to its unique characteristics, the historical transaction price of NFT is determined by private value. This results in less effective price information and is easier to control. By introducing price proposers to the market, PawnHouse satisfies both common and private values, and provides a comprehensive and rich price collection strategy. While building a price corridor for NFT assets, PawnHouse also supports NFT’s collateralization and auction transactions.

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