PawnHouse Token Daily Supply Adjustment Announcement

Jun 20, 2022


On June 20, PawnHouse, the world’s first NFT oracle, entered the mining period’s second year.

PawnHouse was officially launched on June 20, 2021, supporting NFT collateralization liquidity mining. According to the litepaper, the project completed the supply of 240 million mining tokens (24% of the total) in the first year. From June 20, 2022, the project will release another 150 million tokens (15% of the total) for the second year!

From June 22, 2022, to June 19, 2023, the total daily supply of PH tokens used for mining is 410,959:

BSC — 369,863 PH per day
HECO — 41,096 PH per day
*Mining rules and algorithm

If PawnHouse supports more chains in the future, the team will announce the adjustment.

PawnHouse, The World’s First NFT Oracle

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